The Nectar Bed

A better mattress for the best price – The Top Rated & Top Reviewed Mattress – Free Shipping – Forever Warranty

Nectar is more… more comfort, more durability, healthier construction… for a lower price.

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Nectar is unmatched comfort, support & perfect sleep. 3 years of development, 10,000 customer tests – premier hypoallergenic materials like hand cut foams, woven muslin and soft extra long staple fibers. Hand crafting and full finishing. There is no better mattress.

Free Delivery

We deliver Nectar right to your door, for Free. Each Nectar receives a final 20 point quality review and then ships to you. We’ll even take away your old mattress and set up your Nectar if you like.

The Only Forever Guarantee

There is no Warranty longer or stronger. Nectar is built to the highest standards with the best materials and we stand behind Nectar’s construction and craftsmanship for as long as you own your Nectar mattress…even if that’s Forever.

How is the World’s Most Comfortable Mattress Made?

You spend 1/3rd of your life in bed.
Nectar is healthier to sleep on, firmer for support, softer for rest, and delightfully, a touch bouncier than other premium memory foam mattresses.

Nectar is constructed using organic cottons, long staple fibers, cooling top fabrics and true stitched quilting. Nectar costs more to build and you can see the difference in the details. Hand finishing completes every Nectar.

Nectar builds the world’s most comfortable mattress.

How Nectar Compares…

NECTAR is the most comfortable, best made bed at the best price – just compare…

Casper, Purple, etc.

$$850 – $1500
  •  -Ultra Dense Foam
  • Cooling: Gel Chemical Spray
  • Sleep Trial: 77-110 Nights
  • Warranty: 10-15 Years
  • Perfect Firmness Guarantee
  • No Bed Bug Guarantee
  • Free Replacement Cover
  • 11” or More
  • SOME: Free Shipping
  • SOME: Free Returns
  • Mattress Setup/Removal

Seally, Serta, etc.

  • Ultra Dense Foam
  • Cooling: Gel Chemical Spray
  • Sleep Trial: 77-110 Nights
  • Warranty: 10-15 Years
  • Perfect Firmness Guarantee
  • No Bed Bug Guarantee
  • Free Replacement Cover
  • SOME: 11” or More
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Returns
  • Mattress Setup/Removal


  • Ultra Dense Foam
  • Cooling: Gel Chemical Spray
  • Sleep Trial: 77-110 Nights
  • Warranty: 10-15 Years
  • Perfect Firmness Guarantee
  • No Bed Bug Guarantee
  • Free Replacement Cover
  • 11” or More
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Returns
  • Mattress Setup/Removal


  9,862 reviews

  • 365 Night Home Trial
  • Forever Warranty™
  • No-Cost Replacement Cover
  • Perfect Comfort
  • Works With All Frame
  • Free Shipping & Returns
  • Two Free NECTAR Pillows
Limited Time Offer: Buy Today And Get 2 Free Pillows With Any Order (Total Value: $250)

List Price: $824 (Queen Size)

Queen Size Dimensions: 60in x 80in x 11in
With Deal: $699

The Nectar bed reviews

“Unmatched Comfort”, “The Most Comfortable Mattress Ever Developed”, “Sweetest Dreams”

Great mattress

After months of research into a new mattress an intro to nectar popped up. I took several weeks comparing my choices to nectar and with help from their customer service (2 thumbs up for them) I chose nectar. I have no regrets. My husband and I have the best nights sleep, the mattress is plush and extremely comfortable and stays cool throughout the night. The warranty is exceptional and the customer service is great. I am very happy that I chose Nectar and would recommend them to anyone.J Shields

J. Shields (62 years old)

Tampa, Fl, United States


This is the most comfortable memory foam bed my wife and I have ever slept on. It’s firm, but plush. The edges do not give in when sitting on the edge. The bed stays cool throughout the night. I’m a larger man, and my wife has some back problems. This bed handles both issues with amazing comfort. This is easily the best bed on the market. It had no smell even the first night we slept in it. It has a lifetime warranty, and we will have it for the rest of our lives! 5++++ rating!

John McAlpine (36 years old)

Stillwater, MN, United States


Well, we were asked to give a review and normally I do not. I also did not want to give a review for a bed that I did spend “time” in.So, it has been 30+ days now and I LOVE IT! I love it because I do not get up in the morning with joint pain in my shoulder and hip. No aches or pains…I sleep well…and my husband says the same thing. I also stay nice and cool at night. I absolutely would recommend NECTAR to my family and friends…I actually already have. And a 2 thumbs up for their customer service. I received it on time and in great shape.

Pat Hostick (48 years old)

Cumming, GA, United States

A Business Model that saves you $$

Nectar. A Better Bed for a Better Price.

Limited Time Offer: Order Today And Get 2 Free Nectar Pillows ($150 Value)

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Tell me more about the NECTAR mattress

NECTAR makes the most comfortable mattress available, and sells the NECTAR directly to you cutting out middlemen and markups. You enjoy the best mattress at a much better price. NECTAR is designed for every type of sleeper and arrives backed by our Full Comfort Guarantee and Forever Warranty, plus a full year sleep trial so you can make sure NECTAR is right for you, at no risk.

NECTAR arrives straight to your door. If you like, we can setup your NECTAR and remove your old mattress. 16 Awards and Thousands of NECTAR customers, over 20 mattress review sites think NECTAR is the most comfortable mattress you can purchase. And if you don’t agree, we’ll take NECTAR back and refund your full purchase.

What setup do you recommend for the NECTAR?

NECTAR will be the most comfortable mattress you ever owned if setup on a suitable basic frame, box spring or flat floor. Our Forever Guarantee remains in force as long as your NECTAR is not setup in a really unusual way for a mattress you would sleep on, like suspending it from three trees or placing NECTAR on two floating pontoons. Still, if you like to sleep this way do send us a photo and we will probably ask you to be a product tester.

Do you offer financing?

NECTAR’s financing plan is easy and requires no credit check. If you have a bank account, credit or debit card and a source of income you can buy NECTAR with 6 months of low, interest free payments. Applying is a snap and you do not need to share your information with third parties or worry about credit bureau checks. We make it easy to own NECTAR.

When can I expect to receive my NECTAR?

NECTAR ships to you by Fedex ground when you place your order. Allow 1-5 days for arrival. If we are backed-up with orders, we will let you know delivery timing following your order and will be happy to modify your order if any wait is too long. If you request full setup of your NECTAR plan for an extra day to two days for our local NECTAR team to schedule your setup.

How does the NECTAR feel?

After sleeping on NECTAR the words customers use in their 30 day feedback surveys are “love” or “need”. NECTAR is semi-firm to firm and covered with our Lush foam, memory wrap and special breathing removable cover. NECTAR is amazing to sleep on and NECTAR sleepers actually fall asleep 20% faster than people who sleep on other mattresses (we actually ran a study).

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