Qomfort mattress is a new memory foam mattress that is considered to be a great mattress at an even greater price.  If you are a fan of memory foam mattresses then this is the review you should read.


The Qomfort mattress is a 10″ thick and all foam mattress that consists of 3 layers of foam.

  • 2″ Top Comfort Layer –  2″ of gel-infused memory foam which offers the contour, cooling, and support for the whole mattress.
  • 2″ Transition Layer –  2″ of additional memory foam providing support and pressure relief. Moreover, it provides a transition layer between the upper and lower layers.
  • 6″ Foundation Layer –6″ of base foam that offers support for the mattress as well as strong compression support for the whole body.

The cover of the mattress is soft to touch and it is very breathable.


When it comes to Qomfort mattress firmness, it can be rated 5-6 on the firmness scale. Qomfort mattresses provides really good support for slim or heavy sleepers in all sleeping positions.

It is pretty comfortable mattress, providing the contour and body hug, but still you will not feel like you dip into the foam.

Being softer mattress, it will not be very suitable for people who do not like to be disturbed during the night.


Owing to the gel foam construction, heat retention is minimized. The layers of this mattress absorb all moisture and sweat, providing a pleasing cooling effect all consumers like.


Qomfort mattress results on sinkage and motion transfer test are satisfactory. It offers good support for both: slim and heavy slippers and it is equally suitable for both. Edge support was also very good.


-It offers free shipping as many other customers.

-It is 100% made in America.

-You are offered 100 Night Sleep Trial Period. If you are not satisfied with the mattress you can get full refund.

-You are also provided 10 year warranty.

-Prices are reasonable and vary from 399$ to 689$. If you opt for a Queen you will have to pay 549$ which is a great price if you take into consideration all materials and construction used inside the mattress.

-You can easily clean the mattress by removing the cover and using cold water and detergent.

-Mattress can be put on box springs, slatted frames, platform beds, or it can be placed directly onto the floor.

-Returned mattresses are not resold.


If you are looking for a comfortable mattress at a great price then QOMFORT is a great option. Thanks to high-quality materials used in its construction, reasonable prices and 10 year warranty you will get a perfect mattress. Moreover, it is very easy for cleaning and you can easily return it if you are not satisfied and get a full refund.

What is also of crucial importance is that Qomfort mattress adapts to all body shapes and all body weights. No matter if you are slim or heavy, this mattress will be suitable for you. Its medium firmness and satisfactory results on motion transfer tests is what makes it so special. Also it is soft to touch and breathable. Thanks to gel foam construction, the mattress features a pleasing cooling effect and heat retention is minimized.

Due to everything that was previously said, we are sure that you will be satisfied with Qomfort mattress even though your needs are requirements are pretty demanding. We recommend this mattress for anyone who is looking for a great mattress and who is not willing to pay too much.

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