The Pons Mattress is a special mattress with a super soft knit cover and a flexible top layer of foam that is breathable and supportive. It’s a combination of engineered PONSfoam and high grade memory foam that makes you sleep better, while the cooling and temperature regulation don’t allow mattress to get warm.

The first goal of Pons team members was to work on big questions based on outright understanding of consumer needs, pain points and comprehensive field testing.


Why should you purchase a Pons Mattress?

First of all, PONS mattress provides the perfect pressure point relief and allows you to move freely in your bed. If you don’t like to feel stuck inside of memory foam then this is the right mattress for you.

Moreover, there is a completely new and innovative PONS bed system, which involves a wood platform bed frame with rapid toolless assembly and built-in USB ports so you can charge your mobile devices.

What is also very important for you as a customer, it is that this mattress comes with 100% exceptional long-staple cotton sheets armed with nanotechnology to remove moisture and body heat.

Regarding the way PONS team members do their business, they are also very original and creative. Thanks to their Smart Friends Peer Referral program you are able to earn back every penny you spent on your mattress.

Type of Mattress

This is a multi-layered memory foam mattress but it is also a product of well researched sleep technology.

How Firm is the PONS mattress?

Pons team members didn’t really focus on achieving a specific level of firmness or softness, but their primary goal was optimal point pressure relief and freedom of movement. The final result was slightly firmer mattress but still very comfortable.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is almost 100% absent because the  PONS’ contouring to body pressure points is excellent. The PONS mattress is made in a way to allow heavier parts of your body to dip into its foam while the other parts of your body stay in natural position.

PONS Mattress Layers

  • Pons mattress contains four layers: top layer (2”) , middle layer (2”) , bottom layer (6”) and exterior cover.
  • Top layer is made for a comfortable bounce and it has strong cooling properties.
  • Middle layer is filled with eco-friendly cooling gel.
  • Bottom layer contains Polyurethane Base Foam that offers strong support.
  • Exterior cover is ultra-soft with amazing breathability and flame retardant construction.
  • Each of previously mentioned layers is  CertiPUR-US certified. This proves that the PONS is not manufactured with some harmful substances.

PONS Sleep is not Hot

Thanks to eco-friendly cooling gel into the memory foam, your sleep is definitely not hot.

After spending months on experimenting, they eventually managed to produce special PONS foam with impressive cooling capabilities.

What they used is breathable knit construction all around the mattress. Open spacing is inserted into the interior of the PONSfoam layer. This is crucial for utmost airflow.

Furthermore, thanks to PONS cooling nanotechnology sheets mattress heating will be a thing of past.

How Long Will the Mattress Last?

It is made to last up to 10-15 years.

The PONS foam is integrated with HR technology which makes sure that the layer is resistant to wear and tear and support loss.

Additional Information and Conclusion

  • It is shipped directly to your home for free
  • It’s 10-inch thick
  • It comes in practical compact box
  • It can be used on any flat firm surface
  • It comes with ten-year warranty
  • You are offered a 100-night risk-free trial on the mattress, free outbound shipping, and free return shipping

In accordance with everything that was stated above, PONS mattress developed one of the most refined pieces of sleep technology.

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