Although we are speaking about a quite new member of mattress community, Leesa Mattress proved it is a strong competitor aiming to become one of the most comfortable mattresses ever.


It consists of the layered foams and the cover.

There are three layers of foam:

  • Top layer- 2″ of Avena foam. Avena acts like a latex, but it is more resistant. The main purpose of this layer is to provide great comfort and cooling.
  • Middle layer-2″ layer of memory foam. This offers support and pressure relief which is of crucial important for any consumer.
  • Bottom layer- 6″ layer of high-density support foam. This is the main base for the mattress and it is highly breathable. There will be no any heat redundancy.


Leesa team members tried to decrease all the negative effects of Avena and memory foam. Avena provides cooling effect and airflow, while the memory foam provides support your body. Moreover, Avena foam is very special, because it molds to your body and it changes shape easily.


Owing to its special construction and combination of Avena and memory foam, motion transfer is minimized as much as possible. This makes Leesa mattress ideal for couples.

After being tested, Leesa mattress proved that the weight is evenly distributed all over the mattress regardless your lying position.


The cover of Leesa mattress is simply amazing. What is especially interesting is the Leesa 4-bar design. The cover is cut from a single piece of fabric and it is quite thick. Due to this, mattress looks really sharper. The fabric we are speaking about is a poly-lycra blend fabric of high quality. It is resistant, breathable and stretchy.


When it comes to the firmness of Leesa mattress it can be defined as neutral. It is placed at a 6 position out of 10 on the firmness scale. In terms of comfort, thanks to the thickness of its foam it is really very comfortable. After lying down, you can immediately feel the softness of this mattress that molds to the curves of your body.


The prices vary from 525$ to 1070$ depending on the type of mattress you choose. These are acceptable prices which are not extremely different in comparison with other mattress producers.


Leesa provides 100-days in-home trial period which is one of the max period mattress companies offer. If you are not satisfied with the mattress during this period, simply contact Customer Service and you will get the free refund. In that case, you are not obliged to organize shipping of the mattress back, but Leesa will arrange for a donation or recycling center to get the mattress back.

Consumers are also offered a standard 10-year full replacement limited warranty.


Shipping is completely free and the mattress is compressed in a large box.


After each 10th mattress sold, Leesa donates one mattress to homeless shelters. It sets its business goal at the same way in which it sets its philanthropic goals.


Regardless what kind of sleeper you are, the Leesa mattress will be suitable for you. As a result of its special construction, this mattress provides neutral firmness and a balanced feel. It is easily transformed in accordance with your body. It is reasonably priced and made of high-quality materials. And moreover, it offers long trial period which is very convenient for you as a customer.

To sum up, it is a perfect mattress at a great price that will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

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