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Most Important Factors to Consider when Buying a Mattress

One can’t imagine a sound sleep without a good mattress. A mattress of supreme quality ensures good sleep, better health, and ultimately a gleeful mood. Contrarily, if your mattress isn’t up to the task then you will suffer from body pain, mood swings, and other health issues.

Therefore, a lot of contemplation should be incorporated while choosing your mattress. The question which might be coming to your mind right now is that what is the best mattress? Well, the answer is very simple. To be the best, you have to perform at your best. This is true for your mattress as well. Therefore, a mattress which is comfortable, large, adjusts to your body shape, and is affordable should be considered the best one.

We know you care for yourself, especially when it is your sleep. You shouldn’t compromise the prospects of a good sleep by installing a mediocre quality mattress in your bedroom.

1. Get the Comfort

The most basic thing which you should be looking for in a mattress is the comfort. If the mattress isn’t comfortable then it isn’t worth the money you have put in to purchase it.

Sleeping is the most important activity your routine. If your body isn’t getting optimum hours sleep, then you will feel tired and lazy. But, if you’ve slept for 6 to 7 hours on a comfortable mattress then you will stay active and feel delighted. Thus, you should never compromise on the quality of a mattress when it comes to comfort. Only choose the most comfortable mattress for your good health.

2. Know Mattress Sizes

The second thing which should mold your decision when it comes to buying a mattress is its size. Multiple mattresses sizes are available in the market and each comes for a different price range. You should look to buy the one which suits best to your needs.

For instance, if you live alone, you can buy a single bed mattress, but if you’re a couple then a double bed mattress will do it for you. Basic details of the mattresses sizes are given below:


  • Single/Twin: A single bed mattress is good for one. The basic dimensions of the mattress are 39 X 74 inches.
  • Double/Full: A full mattress also called a double bed mattress is for two people. Its size is 54 X 80 inches.
  • Queen: A queen size is slightly larger than the full sized mattress. Dimensions are 60 X 80 inches.
  • King: This is the most famous size when it comes to comfort and luxury. Having dimensions of 76 X 80 inches it is one of the largest sizes available in the market.
  • California King: The largest mattress on our list is California King with dimensions of 72 X 84 inches.

3. Know your Medical Conditions

Your bodily health and physical fitness should largely affect your mattress selection. If your body is in pain all the time then you should select one which will relax your body and support your structure. You will easily find multiple brands which claim them to be the best mattress for back pain. You should consult your doctor before purchasing one of these.

4. Learn the Mattresses Types

An important factor which you should consider while buying a mattress is the type that suits you. For this you need to know some of the many types of the mattresses;


  • Latex Mattress: With a foundation of latex and top covering of quilt, latex mattresses are one of the finest mattresses available in the market.
  • Memory Foam Mattress: These are made from layering of soft material with memory foam being placed at the top. Memory foam adjusts itself according to your figure and then retracts back to its original shape after you leave it.
  • Air Mattress: Used for recreation in the past, these have made way into our routine lives over the years. Quality air mattresses are more expensive than latex and memory foam mattresses due the comfort and quality of sleep they offer.

5. Read Consumer Reviews

Reviews help you decide the quality of a mattress. A mattress with good reviews either online or on testimonials which follow the mattress, are very helpful in finding out which one is most suitable for you.

6. Give it a Test Ride

Another factor which can influence your perception about a mattress is a test sleep on it. Multiple companies offer test sleep on their mattresses, so you can do a better research about them. Spend some time on them and then buy one with which you are most comfortable.

7. Go for Body Adjustability

A good mattress is neither too soft nor too firm. Firm mattresses often lead to body aches and reduced efficiency of blood circulation in the body.

8. Remain in Budget

Check out the market before putting money in. Very good mattresses are very expensive ones as well. You wouldn’t want to put a lot of money in a single mattress. So, do a proper market research before buying one.

9. Never Compromise on Warranty

It is very important to buy a mattress with good warranty. Mattresses often lose their grip thus getting thinner and less attractive. Longer the warranty of a mattress, better it is in quality.

10. Seek Ease of Purchasing

Lastly, the factor which should affect your choice of a mattress is its ease of purchase. Mattresses are huge commodities. Therefore, buying them and taking them home yourself, is a tough ask. So, you should go for online mattresses. Internet is the best place to buy a mattress.

Companies will deliver their product at your doorstep with money back guarantee. If you don’t like the product, you can get your money returned within days. Another thing you can do is visit multiple mattress companies in person, select one which you like, and then order it from their website, when you reach back home. This way you will get the mattress of your liking without undergoing any hectic work.

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