Layla Mattress Review

Layla Mattress Review

Layla mattress is definitely not a classical mattress you used to have. It has some distinguishing features like the copper infusion and the flippable component.


Copper- infused mattress is claimed to improve circulation and help with join pain. What we can claim is that Layla mattress is very comfortable and it easily adapts to any body shape.  The copper infusion and thermogel are the reasons why sleeping on this mattress is cool and pleasant. The mattress is constructed in a way that one side is soft and another one is firm. You can flip at your convenience. Be aware that flipping of this mattress is fairly simple so it will not cause any additional troubles.

The Layla mattress consists of the following layers:

  • Comfort layer is made of 3 inches of copper-infused memory foam.
  • Base layer is made of 6 inches of base foam.
  • Other comfort layer (post-flip) is made of 1 inch of copper-infused memory foam

The difference between the firm and soft side is only 2 inches of memory foam.  The cover is also particular, which sports a thermo-gel finish.  This makes the gel be as close to your body as possible in order to enhance cooling effect.


The soft side of the mattress is probably rated 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, while the firm side is probably rated 8,5 out of 10. Depending on your personal needs, you can choose the right side for you.


Layla mattress results on motion transfer test are impressive. This makes it an ideal mattress for couples.


-Prices of Layla mattresses are very reasonable, all under 1000$.

-it offers you 120 night sleep trial which is one of the longest trial periods some mattress company can offer. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the mattress you get a full refund.

-Shipping is free. Once an order has been placed, it will take 2-3 business days to prepare your mattress for shipping. After that, you will be informed by e-mail about the tracking details.

-You get a lifetime warranty. While many other mattress companies offer maximum 10 year warranty, Layla made the step further and offered you exceptional LIFETIME warranty. That is how they are confident about the quality of this mattress.

-The Layla mattress is manufactured 100% in the USA utilizing high-quality foam and fabric so Layla team members are not afraid to offer lifetime warranty. Foam is poured in Georgia and California and it is assembled in Arizona. Other parts of mattress are made in North Carolina.


After everything that was previously said, I am sure you almost have no doubts that you are on the way to choose the perfect mattress for yourself. Starting from the construction, it is made of high-quality materials so you shouldn’t be surprised that you receive lifetime warranty. Moreover, no matter what kind of mattress you prefer (soft or firm) Layla’s flippable construction will be appropriate for you.

You are also offered a very long trial period of 120 nights which is more than enough to determine whether this mattress is suitable for you or maybe not. You do not have to be afraid to invest your money since you can get a full refund. Also, prices are very reasonable and fit all budgets. All of them are under 1000$ which is more than convenient for all consumers.

If you are looking for a high-quality mattress at a fair price then you can stop searching and opt for the special Layla mattress.

Casper Mattress Review

Casper Mattress Review

Casper mattress first appeared in 2014 and owing to its good marketing soon became one of the most popular internet mattresses. It was re-designed twice but all of these mattresses passed tests of good quality and comfort.


It is all foam mattress which means that it is extremely comfortable. It consists of four layers of foam that are different.

  • Top layer is 1.5″ of responsive poly foam that creates a cooling effect and provides the comfort for the mattress.
  • Second layer is 1.5″ of memory foam. This layer offers pressure relief and support for all types of sleepers. Its density is 4 PFC.
  • Third layer is 1.5″ of poly foam made to help ease sleepers into the base form. Its density is 2,5 PFC.
  • Bottom layer is 5.0″ of support poly foam and it supports all previously mentioned layers. Its density is 1,8 PFC.

The memory foam is put below the top layer of poly foam so that you get better cooling and positive effects of poly foam while steel keeping the great support that you get from memory foam.


Cover of this mattress is simple and it has conventional design. It is made of white-colored fabric that runs from edge to edge. The top of the cover is stretchy and soft, made of materials from Belgium and the USA.

The cover is also porous which is of great importance for cooling effect all sleepers want.

The top of the cover is 100% polyester, side panels are 51% polyester and 49% polypropylene while the bottom layer is 100% polyester.


It is of medium firmness and it can be rated 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The foam layers and materials were selected in a way to meet the needs of all sleepers.

The contour and hug of this mattress are fairly conventional. Poly foam eliminates the sharpness in the contour and there is a compression around your body.

The Casper mattress has very good support in all sleeping positions.


First Casper design is 9.5″ total thickness. 1.5″ latex, 1.5″ memory foam, 6.5″ support foam. $850 (Queen)

Second Casper design (it was released in May 2016) – 9.5″ total thickness. 1.5″ latex, 1.5″ memory foam, 1.5″ poly foam, 5.0″ support foam. $850 (Queen)

Third Casper design (it was released in January 2017; this is the contemporary version that is shipping to customers) – 9.5″ total thickness. 1.5″ response poly foam, 1.5″ memory foam, 1.5″ poly foam, 5.0″ support foam. $950 (Queen)


Prices vary from 550$ to 1150$ depending on the type of mattress you choose. It is more or less similar to prices of other mattress companies.


  • Casper offers free shipping. It comes compressed in a box.
  • You get 10-year warranty.
  • Consumers are offered 100 day trial period.
  • It is originally made in the USA, although some materials are from Belgium and Mexico.
  • Weight: Queen-83 pounds King-103 pounds



Casper is a high-quality mattress that provides medium firmness and great support for all sleepers. Poly foam and memory foam combination create a balance and pressure relief that all consumers need. The prices are reasonable and you can be sure that you get a great mattress at the best price. The shipping is free and you get your mattress in 2-7 days. Moreover, you are offered pretty long trial period so you can easily determine whether the Casper mattress is the right one for you or maybe not.

It is definitely one of the best mattresses you can find online.

Avocado Mattress Review

Avocado Mattress Review

It is a new mattress that combines the support and endurance of springs with natural Dunlop latex. For any consumers, natural materials in a mattress are a big advantage and that is exactly what Avocado mattress brings.




  • The cover of the mattress is made of 100% organic cotton. This makes it breathable and soft to touch. Moreover, it is button-tufted.
  • The whole mattress is 13 inch thick. Natural Dunlop Latex creates 5 inch comfort layer. We are speaking about very resistant material able to provide good pressure relief and great bounce.
  • A system of individually wrapped coils creates a very strong support layer. The coils are also zoned so you get additional support.
  • The mattress is made of high-quality natural materials that guarantee your mattress will last for a long time.
  • Avocado mattress transforms easily in accordance with your body. This means that when you move around, the mattress immediately moves into its original place.
  • Moreover, you will never feel like you sink into the mattress too much due to nice foam it consists of. The foam is 100% natural latex and Avocado mattress is 100% green mattress.
  • In addition, you don’t have to worry whether your sleep will be very hot because it is very breathable mattress with a pleasing cooling effect.


Avocado mattress has a pleasing medium firmness, soft enough to sleep on your side and firm enough to sleep on your back.


The results of motion transfer test conducted on this mattress are quite satisfactory. We can say that the mattress proved to be good at isolating motion.


As we previously mentioned, the mattress is 13 inch thick but it has handles on each side which makes it easier to move. Avocado mattress also has tufting which makes sure that the layers do not shift at all. All this explains why this mattress is slightly more expensive than others.

You are offered 100-night sleep trial so you can determine whether Avocado mattress is the right one for you. If you are not satisfied with your mattress you will get a full refund.

Moreover, Avocado comes with 10 year warranty which is a proof of its quality.

Shipping is free, but if you want in-home delivery & setup you will have to pay 99$.

Latex used for making this mattress is certified by the eco-INSTITUT in Cologne, Germany while the cotton is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified.

The mattress is handmade eco-friendly product handcrafted in the USA.

What is especially convenient for customers is that Avocado is a partner with Affirm® o you can pay over 3, 6 or 12 months with rates from 0-30% APR.


Depending on your requirement, this is definitely the best mattress you can get. The biggest advantage of Avocado mattress is natural material and the fact that it is 100% green mattress. Not only is it very comfortable, it is also very healthy. It is slightly more expensive than other mattresses but owing to its special construction and good support it offers we think it’s worth of such price. However, if you still have some doubts you can simply try it for 100 nights and after that get a full refund if it does not meet all your expectations and needs. Shipping is free, so you do not have to pay more money than actual price of the mattress.

Even if you are one of the most demanding consumers, we assure you that you will be completely satisfied with Avocado mattress and we definitely recommend it.

Aviya Mattress Review

Aviya Mattress Review

Aviya is an innerspring mattress that is significantly less expensive than similar companies like Saatva or WinkBeds. Although it is a new mattress brand, it is important to mention that its makers have 75-year-experience in mattress industry.


The mattress can be directly ordered from Aviya official website. It has different delivery services depending on your requirements. If you want Threshold Delivery it is free, but for White Glove delivery or White Glove delivery+Removal you will have to pay a certain amount of money (99$ or 159$)

The mattress comes in a large box and it is not a roll packed mattress.


1. Premium Quilting & Cooling Foam

Aviya’s premium quilting is combined with a 1″ layer of cooling comfort foam which keeps you cool all night and provides you very comfortable feeling while lying on this mattress.

7. The Aviya Foundation

Aviya foundation is made of quality wood and it features 12 stats.


6. Stability Layer

A 1″ thick stability layer helps to transfer the weight and energy evenly all over the mattress.


5. Individually Wrapped Innerspring Core

Aviya innerspring core is definitely the best, and the most expensive, innerspring core available.

4. Premium Foam Edging Encasement

Aviya 3″ thick edging encases the entire mattress so there is no more rolling off the bed.

3. Support Foam Layer

A third layer of support foam improves lumbar support and it provides body support on all of your pressure points. Pressure point relief is what every customer wants while buying a mattress.

7. The Aviya Foundation

Aviya foundation is made of quality wood and it features 12 stats.


Aviya prefer firm mattress to the soft ones. Therefore, if you like plush, luxury firm models this will be a suitable mattress for you.

According to the firmness scale, we can say that it’s 7 out of 10.


Aviya gained satisfactory result on motion transfer test so we can conclude it is fairly good mattress for couples or for anyone who is easily disturbed by any kind of movement.



  • Like many other companies Aviya offers 100 night sleep trial and after this period you are allowed to ask for full refund if you are not satisfied with the mattress.
  • You are offered 10 year warranty. If something happens during this period, you can ask for free repair or replacement of the mattress.
  • Aviya is only sold on the website so you cannot find it in a retail store. This is one of the reasons you get an amazing mattress at a great price.
  • Your mattress is shipped free directly from the factory.


Depending on all your requirements, we are sure that Aviya can meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. First of all, it is made of high-quality materials that offer you strong support and point pressure relief. Furthermore, motion transfer test was satisfactory and for some sleepers it’s the crucial point while buying a mattress.

Prices are reasonable and Aviya is less expensive than many other mattress companies. This is an innerspring mattress and it is definitely better choice for anyone who wants a good sleep. Moreover, you are offered 100 days to check whether this is the right mattress or not. Aviya is so confident about quality of its products that you are also offered 10 year warranty. You can choose the way your mattress will be delivered.

To sum up, according to everything stated above, Aviya mattress will be a great option for you.


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